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Spring has been coming for awhile here in Northern California. Audrey had his molt about a month ago. Conner is molting now. It looks like someone tried to kill him; there are feathers everywhere. Many of my friends have reported crazy hormonal behavior in their birds. Lots of screaming, biting, and territorial behavior. Conner and Audrey act mostly the same. Conner may be taking an extra interest in nest boxes. When I go upstairs at night, Conner has been spending time in his box in the dark.

In this picture Conner is in front. Conner and Audrey are inspecting the nest box together. It’s already been chewed to proper proportions by Conner.

Some of the outdoor birds have already had babies. Last week I photographed this baby hummingbird. You can tell he’s a hummingbird because of the beak. You can tell he’s a baby, because mature hummingbirds are colorful. This guy is grey. This is the first hummingbird picture I’ve captured that wasn’t a tiny tiny bird on a wire. They move so fast that I can never capture a mature one up close. This guy was very patient and let me take 20 pictures.
The blackbirds must not have babies yet. The males are very flirty. I finally captured one in a full flirty posture!!!

The females appear to be building their nests.

The song sparrows are extra vocal. The song sparrow has a beautiful song.

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