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Red-Tailed Hawk

This was an excellent birding weekend. Thanks to my wonderfully patient boyfriend, Jon, I went birding twice! Once in Tiburon, CA and once in Half Moon Bay, CA. The pictures below are from Half Moon Bay.
August is the month when the raptors return. It’s amazing; one day they’re nowhere to be seen, and the next day they’re on every telephone wire. Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay is known to be a good spot for raptors. The trick for finding raptors is to locate an open field surrounded by tall trees.
Today, we hit the jackpot. Hawks, crows, and kites oh my! Below is a red-tailed hawk.

He has a prominent brow ridge.

These hawks are very common. We always see them on the telephone poles staring intently at the ground.
They are so beautiful in flight. In this picture he’s saying: “I’m going to get you.”
He circled the field many times. I have at least 50 pictures just like the one below.
Here is a shot from the back.
They’re very stealthy. When he flew off the branches, the only sound came from the branch.

3 Responses to “Red-Tailed Hawk”

  1. Meg says:

    Great pics! We have tons of Red Tailed Hawks around here, I love watching them.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Meg! They are so beautiful. I'm so glad that it's raptor season again.

  3. dguzman says:

    And you can tell it’s a younger one by the barring on the tail feathers! Beautiful!