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Okay, whoever came here using the search term “mixing cockatiel with chickens” needs to know that these species can’t breed with each other.  The only mixing of cockatiels that I’ve seen is with a pink cockatoo called a Galah.  I tend to think that is a hoax, but there is a video, so maybe it’s legitimate.  But this type of breeding is dangerous for the cockatiel.  The cockatiel could be hurt during the mating process, or become egg-bound.  In any case, don’t try to breed your cockatiel with a chicken.

On a less alarming note, whoever came here wondering about what it means when a cockatiel dips its head, you’ve come to the right place!  When a cockatiel dips his head and spreads his wings like Audrey is doing below, he’s flirting with you.
This position is referred to as a heart-shaped pose (Update: or more commonly known as heart wings, as Cyndi mentioned in the comments).  The best way to respond is to play along with him by dipping your head, making kissy noises, etc.
The dipping behavior is also a way to determine if your cockatiel is male or female.  The males flirt and sing.  The females enjoy being flirted with and sung to.

3 Responses to “Search Terms”

  1. Blog Joker says:

    nice blog

  2. cyndi says:

    Yes… I call it "heart wings" they look so cute waddling around with that pose

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Blog Joker!

    Cyndi, I love the waddle too. If you put Conner and Audrey on the floor, they will roam the entire room with heart wings.