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Golden Gate Park is wonderful in the fall. New birds have moved in, some of the days are clear, the tourists are fewer in number. Yesterday was a great day for birding; I saw my first western tanager.

This is my favorite picture. I love how her eyes are focused on the berry.

This is a female western tanager. The male has a bright orange head; he’s supposed to be spectacular in person.
So many of the yellow birds look similar. I was able to identify the tanager by her yellow beak. Most yellow birds have black beaks. She also has two bars on her wings: one white, one black.
Even though this picture is a little dark, I like her curious expression.
We’re going back next weekend, I really hope to find the male. We had to leave yesterday when the fog became so thick it was almost rain. It reminded me of dguzman’s experience at Point Reyes. The fog makes everything look beautiful, but it softens the pictures of the birds. Hopefully next weekend will be brighter.

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