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Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yesterday we headed down to Pescadero, CA to visit the Ano Nuevo State Reserve. We passed a marsh where the fog was doing really neat things over the water.

I really love living along the coast because of the frequent fog.


After the detour we reached the reserve. Ano Nueovo State Reserve is very popular. People at work asked me if I had visited and I didn’t really understand because I’ve been up and down the coast from San Francisco to Monterey. So what’s the big deal?

Well, there are the sea lions, which swell to a population of 3,000 in the winter months.

And the pond is pretty nice.
Plus there are TONS of lizards.
But for me the jackpot is this!

Because where there is brush, there are birds! I saw three new lifers yesterday: a savannah sparrow, a gold-crowned sparrow, and a yellow-rumped warbler. Below is the yellow-rumped warbler.

Okay, I see some yellow and she has a lovely eye ring.

But what’s this about a yellow rump or, as Birdchick likes to call them, butterbutts?
What a great butt! These pictures are of the female. The male is blue-grey on the back and more yellow on the front. This place is such a great find, I’ll be sure to go back soon and stay in the brush all day.

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