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Cockatiel Flirting

The cockatiels enjoy playing together. If you bring Conner up to Audrey’s cage, they’ll start making kissing noises at each other. If you put the cockatiels on the bed, they go into flirting mode. Below, Audrey is on the left.
here we go up!

(all photos taken by Jon)
now we go down

I recommend that if you are ever depressed and you don’t have a cockatiel, you should visit one. They make me so happy with their enthusiasm. Below, Conner missed the instruction to bend down and quiver his wings. Audrey is showing Conner the proper move.
like this, with the wings spread out

At the end of a serious flirting session, Audrey relaxes on my shoulder.
This was captured right in the middle of a puff. You can see the dust coming off of him!
Audrey is so dramatic when he gets puffy. He shakes out every feather.
Such satisfaction!

One Response to “Cockatiel Flirting”

  1. Shannon says:

    So cute these guys are! I agree with you. I think cockatiels are the most endearing and wonderful of all parrots. I could watch them all day and never get bored. Even after 9 years of Chipper, he still captivates my attention and keeps me sane and grounded!