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Cockatiel Food

Cockatiels should be fed a wide variety of foods.

Their main diet can be seed, but they should also eat vegetables and rice.  Conner loves peas.  He will start running across the cage when he sees them.  He used to also like rice, but the other day I gave him rice and he wouldn’t eat it until Audrey had some and persuaded him that rice is delicious.


The food dishes have sweet potato, butter beans, and some zucchini bread.

The birds were not in the mood for food even though they both like sweet potato and Audrey loves bread.  Audrey was willing to eat some sweet potato off my lips (strange, I know), but Conner wanted nothing to do with it.  The butter beans were too foreign for the birds.

I’m hoping that if I give them food more often, they will be more willing to try new stuff.

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