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Cockatiel Games

Conner likes to play games.


One of his favorite games involves the mirror.  I walk five feet away from the mirror.  I place Conner on my index finger and zoom towards the mirror and stop once we reach the mirror.  Conner taps the mirror.  That’s the game.  It helps if you make a whooshing sound as you move towards the mirror.


Jon invented this game.  Conner prefers to play the game with Jon.  Jon will lift Conner up, ask if he’s ready, and wait for Conner to say “bip,” which means yes.


Audrey likes to play the game too but you have to go verrry slowly, so he doesn’t lose his balance.  I think he’s more interested in being included than the intricacies of the game.


Audrey puts on a good grumpy act, but he still wants to be part of the flock.

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