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I’ve moved to Utah

Jon and I were offered new jobs in Salt Lake City and we jumped at the opportunity to move to a beautiful and affordable city.


I am going to miss California.  I will miss the ocean most of all.

and the huge supply of different kinds of birds

in every tree

but I’m pretty excited about the new birds that I’m going to see and the constant presence of the mountains

It’s been snowing all day today.  I forgot how quiet everything is when it snows.  When I was shoveling I saw dark-eyed juncos, sparrows, and a woodpecker!  I’ve set up one feeder and I’m researching suet feeders and heated bird baths.  So while winter rages, I’ll have lots of posts about backyard birding.

9 Responses to “I’ve moved to Utah”

  1. Kip says:

    Lets meet up soon!

  2. Pamela says:

    That seems like a fast move! I personally wouldn’t be so sure about all the snow, but I’m sure the mountains will be wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Kip, we will totally meet up.

    Pamela, everything went very quickly, which I prefer. If I could only find time to get rid of the boxes! You know, I was going to say that you guys must get so much more snow than us, but it turns out that at 63 inches of snow a year, we’ve got you beat. So strange for what I thought was desert area. I may look into getting a snow blower. :-)

  4. Tiffany says:

    I love the picture of the hawk bum! Glad the move went smoothly and am looking forward to lots more pictures.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Tiffany! I was taking pictures of ducks, heard a rustling noise, and looked up to see a hawk staring me down. I love their fluffy pants.

  6. Pamela says:

    Western Michigan gets a lot of snow, but the Ann Arbor area doesn’t. Believe me, if we got a lot of snow, I wouldn’t still be living here!

    I’m guessing a snow blower is a good idea! Good luck with that!

  7. Shannon Ryan says:

    Just a belated congratulations on your new move, which sounds like it was a good one for many reasons. And real glad your two cockatiels are happier too. When the birds are happy, just about everybody is! And a great new year to you…

  8. Mary says:

    Congratulations on the move. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of Utah birds!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Shannon and Mary. The birds are so much happier, they have a new setup that I’ll be talking about soon. And I have a fantastic post coming up soon about a new Utah bird – a grouse!