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Now that I have my first house, it’s time to start gardening.  I know almost nothing about gardening, but I really like vegetables.  I can’t wait to harvest tomatoes and zucchini from the garden.  This is where the garden is going to go:

The growing season in Utah is very short so people use raised beds.  For my first experiment I’m going to use three four-by-four raised beds.  A few weeks ago I started some seeds that take so long to grow that you plant the seeds inside and transplant them later.  I bought these plastic window boxes, filled them with dirt, planted seeds and used popsicle sticks to identify the seed areas.

I planted three kinds of peppers, artichokes and basil.  The artichokes broke through the soil first.  They also look the most interesting.

The basil also broke through quickly, but they grow pretty slowly.  It doesn’t look like basil yet.

The peppers are growing really fast.  Some of them grew a whole centimeter in the last twelve hours!

I was worried that I was behind on my gardening because you are supposed to start planting things on May 15 in Utah, but it snowed last Monday so now I feel like I’m right on time.  You just can’t compare yourself to other parts of the country where it’s already 90 degrees.

3 Responses to “Garden”

  1. Mary says:

    I really need to garden. I’ve been taking the lazy person’s way out — farmers’ market :) There might be time to get something in the ground yet this year. We’ll see if I get motivated this weekend…

    Your stuff looks fantastic already!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Our farmer’s market doesn’t start until the middle of June, can you believe it? I’m so jealous of all your posts about the farmer’s market.

    And thanks! The nice thing about gardening is that if you fail the first time, you can always buy fully-formed plants at Lowes or Home Depot.

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