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Trevor is a Genius

Trevor is making huge strides in being a human-friendly bird.

It started with slow steps at night.  He would let me snuggle with him a little at night.  Then he became more willing to let me snuggle him during the day.  Then he enjoyed my presence in general.  Trevor especially enjoys sitting on a pillow behind me and singing.

Trevor started to mimic the kissy noise that Conner makes.  I was so excited!  Then the next step was to show him Conner’s trick.  You kiss Conner and pop back quickly.  As you pop back Conner will make the kissy noise and pop back too.  I showed Trevor how to perform this trip by putting him on my left finger and Conner on my right finger.  I did the trick with Conner and then kissed Trevor.  The very next day, Trevor did the trick.  Brilliant!

I’m so happy that he likes me.  Before I would try to pick him up and he’d run away from my hands.  It made my heart hurt.  So it’s much nicer to have him enjoy being touched.

3 Responses to “Trevor is a Genius”

  1. Tiffany says:

    :-) Wonderful story! Cool what he learned from his big bro.

  2. dguzman says:

    Wow, he’s way more affectionate than Niblet! For a bunny, Nib is very stingy with his snuggling. And I know just how you feel about the heart hurting!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Aw, I wish Niblet was more snuggly! They shouldn’t have all that soft fur if they don’t want to be snuggled.