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Salt Lake City has several prime areas for skiing.  One of them is Big Cottonwood Canyons, which is a gorgeous area in the mountains.  There are several lakes in Big Cottonwood Canyon that you can hike; one is Silver Lake.  It’s very pretty!

Unfortunately, everyone else knows how pretty it is.  Salt Lake City has always been so great compared to Silicon Valley because it’s not crowded.  You never have to wait for a table at a restaurant here.  Even going to Jazz games isn’t that big a deal.  But the Utah people are into outdoor activities.  So if you need to find a Utah resident, now I know where to look.  People were everywhere!!!

And you know what’s bad for birding?  It’s kids in strollers, teenagers on cellphones and giant families walking on boardwalks.  If I had more time I would have taken a hike to Twin Lakes, which would have had fewer people given that you can’t take a stroller up a mountain.  But I did see a new bird: the Pine Siskin.

I am very proud because I identified them based on their sound!  I actually remembered something from the Stokes cds.  You see, the front of a Pine Siskin is striped, just like tons of other small birds.  Like this Song Sparrow:

The best way to identify Pine Siskins is from the side because the tips of their wings and tailfeathers are yellow.

Other than Pine Siskins there were only chickadees and mallards, and this was a lovely shot of a female Mallard Duck.

The drive up was also really nice because the leaves have started to change.  It’s been four years since I lived in a place with a real fall.  I’m so excited!

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