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Bald Eagle Day

Yesterday was Bald Eagle Day at Farmington Bay where they poison the carp and the eagles come to eat.  Yum.  The eagles starting coming in weeks ahead of schedule.

Wait, are you thinking “Oh no, not another Bald Eagle post”?  Well, let me show you some of the other things I’ve seen in the past few months.

Oh right, there aren’t many birds around Utah in the winter.  Besides, you’re missing some amazing pictures if you pretend to be bored with eagles.

These pictures are from today.  I’ve never seen the area so full of people.  Birders…we are everywhere.  And it was such a nice day: in the 50’s with no inversion.  Look at this gorgeous path.

The temperature has only been warm for the past two days so there was still ice where the eagles were sitting.

Then one took off!

and flew overhead.

In total I saw about 10 eagles.  Next month there is a day when thousands of Snow Geese take flight.  I think one major event a month is enough to sustain me until summer.

4 Responses to “Bald Eagle Day”

  1. Dina J says:

    Great shots of the eagles. 10 in day is a WOW!

  2. Cindy from Sinclair says:

    Wow! Lovely photos. Eagles are so cool. And I like your description.

    I wish you’d been here the other day with your fab camera – was in the garden, heard something and looked to see an eagle flying downstream – southwest – into the sunset over the lake – split second thing. I knew it was an eagle because his white turned a shade of orange red…

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m sorry I missed that!