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Audrey was my cockatiel for 18 years when we got him Conner has a friend.  Conner drove Audrey crazy at first but he eventually became respectful and every ounce of his being shows love for Audrey.  But Conner also loves me and Jon and when we moved to Utah we were worried that Conner would feel too alone.


So we got Trevor as a friend for Conner.  At first it seemed like a horrible idea because the baby was bumbling, landed on top of the cockatiels and followed Conner everywhere.  Slowly, though, Trevor has learned to respect boundaries.  He gets too close to Conner sometimes but Conner can be three feet away from him without it seeming like a tragedy so that’s progress.  The best times with Conner and Audrey are when they’re playing on the cages.


I work really hard to make sure that there are enough items on the cages to entertain the birds.  They particularly love chewing the edges of papers.  In the picture below they’re chewing papers from a printed patent law case.  I find that very satisfying.


They’re so fun to watch together.  Everything is an adventure!


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