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Cockatiels Outtakes

I finished a cross-stitch pattern for Audrey. I framed the picture but it’s hanging at work right now and I haven’t remembered to bring the camera to work. Once I do I can post pictures. It looks pretty great. In the meantime I’ve been taking pictures of Conner in preparation for his cross-stitch pattern.

Can you see Conner’s sweet personality in this picture?  Conner looks like he’s smiling in this picture.  As opposed to Audrey who typically looks angry or at the very least irritated.


Trevor typically looks confused.

should my wings be up?

I want to get a picture of Conner with his head low and his head cocked.


It would be a pretty great picture if not for the stripes from the cage.  I wouldn’t use the one below because Conner’s eye is half closed but he looks so happy that I have to post it.

Audrey likes to sing to Conner and try to preen his head in the middle of singing.  Conner won’t let him do it for very long but I have hopes that someday they will have preening sessions.


So what do you think?  Should I use something like the first picture of Conner where he looks very sweet or a head-cocked picture?


2 Responses to “Cockatiels Outtakes”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I want to see your finished Audrey cross stitched….did you do one with his patented cranky look? Conner and Trevor are both adorable (Audrey is too, sorry dude, the crotchety expressions make you even cuter).

  2. Elizabeth says:

    He looks pretty sweet in the picture. What’s really cool about it is the picture includes Jon’s hand. I brought my camera to work, so I’ll post soon.