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Garden 2011 Edition

It’s that time again!  I thought planting the garden would be incredibly easy this year because the beds were already setup and I wasn’t going to try and plant seeds inside.  However!  I did not anticipate that the beds were full of onions.

I’m not kidding when I say that I filled half a barrel with onions and it weighed 40 pounds.  It took me forever to dig up the dirt and find the bulbs.  If you don’t get the bulbs, they’ll just grow again.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I’m just impressed that the ground held so many onions!


I picked up plants from a Red Butte Garden plant sale.  Six tomato plants, two peppers, a cucumber plant, cilantro, basil, parley and lettuce.  This weekend I will plant beet seeds.

I’m also planting pretty flowers this year.  Along the garage, there is a patch of dirt where nothing grows because it’s under a tree and gets very dry in the summer.  My plan is to water the area frequently in the hope that it will grow plants.  I chose low sunlight and low water plants so hopefully they will survive.  Anything is better than dirt.

I’m also planting flowers along the fence behind those three beds in the picture above.  I don’t want to mess with the section behind the trellis because it’s producing tulips and pretty white flowers.  Some of the tulips were planted by the former owners; others planted themselves this year.  Thanks pollen!

These are a little mottled from a cutting the grass.

These were not there last year.

This weekend I’m going to finish planting the pretty flowers.  Updates to follow!

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