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Great-blue Herons

In Arizona I captured herons creating a rookery.

We saw them on the last day of our trip.  Our guide, Matt Brown was trying to get us pictures of the Zone-tailed Hawk.  I think we’re different from typical birders because while I was excited about the hawk, I was more interested in these fantastic pictures of herons.

There was a lot of focused work dedicated to building the nest.

And it got them in the mood for love.

A third guy joined and created quite a fuss.  I can only imagine that his raised feathers are an aggressive move.

I love this last shot so much.  It’s not perfectly in focus but he looks so much like an airplane that I might frame it.


2 Responses to “Great-blue Herons”

  1. Tiffany says:

    You really got some great shots! I love the third from the bottom, with those raised feathers; he really looks mesozoic. Great rear end flying shot too lol!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I really like how you’ll see a bird hundreds of times and then he gets in the mood for love or aggression and all of a sudden feathers rise that I didn’t even know could be lifted!