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Lazuli Buntings

Yesterday I had a fantastic time at the Red Butte Garden. Usually I do a small circuit around the pond and the bushes near the entrance because they contain quails, but this time I ventured in the mountains.

The trails were gorgeous.  I’m not sure what the yellow flowers are below.  They might be yellow balsamroot, which Janie posted a picture of recently but the green part of her flowers looks more like sage.

Usually it’s hard to find birds when you get away from the rivers, but this mountain was full of Lazuli Buntings singing their hearts out.

It’s hard to get great shots of the buntings because of their bright colors and dark eyes.  No matter how close I get, the pictures are flawed.  They remind me of a 70’s picture of a family.

I haven’t seen them at my feeder, although I did see them last year.

Doesn’t he look like a completely different bird from the back?

4 Responses to “Lazuli Buntings”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ha – I can see the inner structure of his beak in one shot :). A beautiful place you live in.
    I saw my first ever baby quail when I was biking this weekend – really tiny ones, running across the trail with mom.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ooh, baby, baby, babybaby, babybabybaby!!! I love baby quails.

    Utah is gorgeous in the spring and summer. It looks particularly lush right now because we had a very wet spring.

    And, yeah, I love that the bunting is so pumped up you can see the roof of his mouth. I’m not kidding when I say I easily saw twenty different buntings all singing in their spots.

  3. Balsamroot have leaves that are kind of heart-shaped, but I think there are several varieties. I can’t see the leaves on yours well enough to see their shape.
    I love Lazuli buntings. We’ve had them at our feeder for the last couple of months. They seem to show up every year.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Okay, it’s a different plant then because these leaves were more oval shaped. Thanks!