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Meadowlarks are wonderful creatures.  If you haven’t seen one before get yourself to some grassland now!  It should like this:

photo by Jon

Can you see the meadowlark in the middle of the fence?  You can usually spot a meadowlark on some kind of perch in the grasslands.  The photo was taken in Arizona, where I got to complete my collection of meadowlarks by seeing Eastern Meadowlarks.  I’ve seen Western Meadowlarks in Utah and California.

They are incredible birds with beautiful songs.  I know I’m always urging you to listen to the bird calls, but this is the best one.  I always hear these guys before I see them because they blend in so well.


Here is a closer shot of the Eastern Meadowlark.

Cornell says that they have thicker wing bars and are darker than the Western Meadowlarks but they look the same to me.  This is the Eastern Meadowlark again.

And here is the Western Meadowlark.  This picture was taken on Antelope Island.

Maybe he’s a little lighter but I don’t see a difference with the wing bars.  Their calls are different enough that I could probably distinguish that way.


UPDATE: I’d also like to point out that last night I was watching the TV miniseries for Stephen King’s “The Stand” and they know about meadowlarks!  There is a scene where several guys are standing next to a huge field and you can hear meadowlarks.  Yay for accuracy!  The other day I was completely distracted by a movie because it was supposed to take place on the East Coast but you could clearly hear Scrub Jays in the background and I had trouble concentrating.

4 Responses to “Meadowlarks”

  1. Tiffany says:

    It amazes me, how he’s straddling those precarious crispy wisps of dead plant and can still concentrate on his song. Beautiful bird.

    I needed your identification help last week – I saw two birds chasing a pair of ravens and they were not mockingbirds. Short tail, yellow chest, medium size… I thought of these, but I think I’m too urban.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, you’re way too urban for meadowlarks. Could it be some kind of an oriole? Maybe a Kingbird? I’ve posted pictures of Western Kingbirds. Cassin’s Kingbird looks a bit more yellow.

  3. I’ve never seen the eastern Meadowlark, but we have several that hang out in the hay fields around our house. I love their song!
    Lovely photos of them, Elizabeth.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Janie! Their song is one of my favorites. It’s so melodic.