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House Finch

Female house finches are really good at tricking you into thinking you have a more interesting bird like a Pine Siskin.

She really enjoyed those berries.

Some people only want to find rare birds and I do get excited by finding new birds, but I can also appreciate an opportunity to take nice photographs.

The males tricked me into thinking I had a Purple Finch in the backyard.  Look at how red he is!

They say that you have a Purple Finch if he looks like he was splashed with cranberry juice.  This guy is red, but still not as red as a Purple Finch.  Plus, Purple Finches have only been in Utah as an accidental jump off their normal path.  Now compare the finch above with this guy who is also a House Finch.  Are they really the same species?

2 Responses to “House Finch”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Wow, they sure are different – it has to be breeding plumage? I love house finches, the male has such a sweet song to woo his lady.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That could be the trick. I took the picture of the bright one back in June and the last picture was from a few weeks ago.