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Lucy’s Warbler

During our trip to Arizona, I probably saw 20 different warblers.  A lot of warblers and flycatchers aren’t particularly remarkable because their feathers are grey and they don’t even have distinctive eye rings.  But they sure are cute.  This is a Lucy’s Warbler.

He’s completely unremarkable except for a tawny crown.  I was a little confused by the crown for a second, having only seen one on a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  Here’s the warbler’s crown.

Kinglets have very distinctive wing bars, so I knew I didn’t confuse bird species.  Lucy’s Warblers breed in limited areas and only in mesquite, which is causing their numbers to become threatened.  I was fortunate enough to see them in two different areas.  The first area was Patagonia Lake, which is where the above pictures were taken.  The second area was in some trees next to rock formations.

We have orange rocks around SLC, but they’re not as orange as these and they don’t have lichen growing on top.

In the picture below they call the formation on the right “The Preacher” because it looks like a man holding a bible that is preaching to his congregation.


2 Responses to “Lucy’s Warbler”

  1. Tiffany says:

    They are distinctive because they have “the shape” – a pingpong ball with a beak lol! I love it.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It is like a pingpong ball!