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Salt Lake City

I discovered a fantastic blog called Sweet Juniper and I’ve been slowly making my way through the archives.  The author, Jim, and his wife moved to Detroit from San Francisco a few years ago with their daughter.  Jim has the most amazing series of pictures of abandoned houses in Detroit – he calls them feral houses.  Part of what I really love about the family is that they left San Francisco to move somewhere that they could passionately love.  I feel the same way about Salt Lake City.


I love how Salt Lake City has a mix of old original buildings with new modern structures.  In the picture above you can see the eagle entrance to the Beehive House, which is on the left.  The Beehive House used to be Brigham Young’s headquarters and they still give tours inside.  Across the street are condos.


Salt Lake City seems like our own little secret.  The capital only has 186,440 people in 110 square miles compared with San Francisco, which has over 800,000 people in 47 square miles.  And yet we have everything.  If you want food we have vegan (Sage’s, Vertical Diner), sushi (Takashi), Mediterranean (Aristos, Cafe Med), Middle Eastern (Mazza’s), Thai (Sawadee), Vietnamese (Indochine) and Italian (Faustina).  If you want outdoor activities you can go hiking, skiing, birding, we have a great symphony, anything you want.


For the past two months I’ve averaged about 20 bike rides to work each month.  I really love it because you get to learn so much more about a city when you look at the same stuff slowly every day.  What I remember about the Bay area the most are the beaches and the parks because the trip to work was just a long boring trip in a car.  But on the beaches and in the parks I took my time.  In SLC I can tell you about the man who feeds the pigeons so much corn and bread that the pigeons live on the wires above his house.  I can also tell you about the family of quails that lives a few streets from me that like to explore early in the morning.  And I can go on and on about the light cycles of various streets and exactly how to time your bike ride to beat the lights.

2 Responses to “Salt Lake City”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I’ll be honest, I was pretty ignorant of SLC, but you always are so stoked to be there, so happy; you changed how I saw it. Your big moves have given me some courage and openess to change. We’re “secretly” dabbling with the concept of a change. Won’t be soon, maybe won’t even happen, but the fact that it’s even being talked about….. we’ll see.

    I loved the photos of the feral houses.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    There are a lot of advantages to living in the middle states. It’s much quieter and safer. The drawbacks are that there is little diversity and while we have a lot of restaurants, it’s not as great as a big city like San Francisco. I really do love it, though.