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Baby Western Grebe

Most of Farmington Bay is behind a gate that they close off during breeding season.  When I visited last weekend they opened it back up again.  And I’m so glad that they did because I got to see grebes!

These are Western Grebes because the black feathers are underneath their eyes.  Clark’s Grebes only have black above the eye.  This parent had baby grebes that are fast becoming adults!  This one even has a few black feathers coming in on his head.

This baby had more even coloring in his head feathers.

The parent was very watchful of the kids.

I think this one is frame worthy.

This shot isn’t perfect because the babies were too far apart, but it does have all three babies together.

The muck was really strange.  I’m used to it smelling bad, but there was one point in the water where it was incredibly thick.

Weird stuff.


4 Responses to “Baby Western Grebe”

  1. Cindy says:

    Love those Grebe photos – especially the one with all the babies. I looked and heard “walk like an Egyptian” – must be the angular shapes. :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I always hear that song when I look at Snowy Egrets and their yellow feet.

  3. Great photos of mom and babies. The red eyes are really cool looking.