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Trevor is such a trouble maker.

At night Conner likes to hang out on his stick because it’s close to Audrey.  Trevor hangs out on the rope below or stands above Conner on the top of the cage.  No matter where he is, he fights with Conner.

So I bought another rope perch – this one with threads at the end so that Trevor could preen them.  Of course he was afraid of it at first since Trevor is afraid of everything.  Eventually Trevor got used to the perch and has been using it.

Trevor was still too close to Conner so I moved the perch closer to the edge.  But now instead of attacking Conner, he attacks the toys I put on the corner of the cage.  I’m still suspicious that he’s an alien.  Weirdo!

2 Responses to “Rope”

  1. Mary says:

    Elizabeth — how close is the budgie letting you get to him? I’d probably try to lure him near me with some millet and then throw a giant towel on him. Not with you holding the millet (put the millet on a platform on the ground), and slowly approach him, stop when he seems agitated and slowly approach him.

    I’ve not had to capture any wild budgies, but we used to do wildlife rescue, and this is what we would do to capture the injured birds.

    Is he a really good flyer? I wish I was closer so I could help you with this. Good luck! Keep me updated!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    He won’t let me get closer than 10 feet. Putting the millet down is a great idea. I had it on my hand, which requires a lot of trust. I’ll try the blanket trick. He’s not the best flier, but he can certainly fly pretty fast.