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Cockatiel Fright

A couple of weeks ago, I was transporting the cockatiels from the shower to their cage when Conner freaked out.  He didn’t just startle; he lost his mind for about 20 minutes.  I tried to calm Conner down by giving him familiar things that he would like: whistling the Star Wars theme, bottles, boxes, even Audrey didn’t calm him down.  I’m not sure Conner even recognized Audrey and Audrey was terrified of him, which has never happened before.  He also bit my hand about 20 times, drawing blood and scratched my skin.  It’s hard to believe that this bird became wild:

When I would let Conner go he would fly around or try to hide in a corner, screaming as I’ve never heard him scream.  After 20 minutes I brought Conner to Jon and within five minutes he was fine.  We think that he recognizes Jon as the alpha male in the flock.

This happened once before after transferring Conner from the shower to the cage.  I thought that time was because the lights were dim in the room with Conner’s cage.  So since then I’ve always had the lights on bright.  So now we think that because the bathroom has an echo, Conner heard Trevor’s usual noises of alarm, but it sounded weird so he thought it was an actual warning.

I wanted to write about this because I’ve never imagined that Conner would act like this, so maybe people can learn from the experience.  If your bird seems to lose his mind with fear, get him into a safe environment, towel him if you have to and find the alpha-male of the flock.


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