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Great-horned Owl

Back in May, several of the tours of Antelope Island included a look at Great-horned Owl babies.  They’re extra adorable with all that fuzz.

Mom was watching from nearby.

It was a great opportunity to see her legs.  First off, she’s wearing a lovely set of pants.  Second, check out those serious claws.  She could take out a lot of animals with those feet.

A few months later we went back and the babies had fledged.  You can still see the white fuzz around their faces.

Last weekend at Farmington Bay I came across another owl.  I’m not sure if this is the same as the baby I saw during the summer or the parent, but I would guess it’s one of the ones I saw law summer since he flew down from the same tree.

I’ve never gotten such a great unobstructed view of an owl before.

And checkout the gorgeous coloring on his back.

It helps that I took the picture much later in the day than usual.  At three p.m. the light is more golden and soft.

You’re supposed to go as early as possible in the morning to get the highest number of birds, but three p.m. was best for birds this time.  I’ll write about the ducks later – there are a ridiculous number of ducks out in the afternoon.

2 Responses to “Great-horned Owl”

  1. Tiffany says:

    WOW! How exciting to see this gorgeous owl again (and again)! I love the pictures in the afternoon light, the glow with the yellowed grass is a perfect complement to the owls beautiful plumage. Do you have any idea what he’s doing on the ground?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    He flew to the ground when he heard me poking around and then walked away. I thought he might be hurt at first because I expected that he’d fly away from me. But later on he flew away, so I guess he thought he could outrun me.