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Northern Pintail

Usually when I go to Farmington Bay I can see a ton of birds that are very far away.  But if you go in the afternoon, the birds are much closer.  Check out all the birds!

All those dots in the picture above are birds.  The picture below gives you a better perspective of the birds.

You can see all the Northern Shovelers in this picture below:

In the middle of this group, I saw a new bird: the Northern Pintail.

The Northern Pintail is uncommon in the winter, so I’m lucky to have seen him here.  Here’s a back view of the pintail and a female mallard lower in the picture.

In the winter, pintails eat plant materials from the water bodies.  I think this is a female on the left.  Female Northern Pintails look like female mallards with more white splotches.

I still can’t get over how beautiful the mountains look in the yellow light.

By the end of the birding trip it was almost sunset.  I’d never seen the sun setting over the mountains at Farmington Bay.  It was a gorgeous view.


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