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On our last day in Denver, we visited Rocky Mountain Lake Park.  It’s more like a pond and had very few birds, but was quite beautiful.  It’s one of those places that help establish Denver as an active place where people can jog and ride bicycles.

They had a squirrel with a messed up tail.

And regular squirrels with delicious nuts.

Denver was an awesome city to visit, but they have very few birds.  The most abundant bird was the Canada Goose.

I was trying to imagine them into Cackling Geese so I could have a life bird, but they’re just Canada Geese.  His neck seemed fairly short, though.  But Cackling Geese aren’t on the range map for Colorado.

One of the geese was acting as a lookout.  He perceived an invisible line that we couldn’t cross.  When you stepped slightly beyond the line, he would start honking.

There were also gulls on the lake.

And a cormorant, probably a Double Crested Cormorant.  Sadly the birding in this area is so poor that people visit the lake just to see the cormorants.

Denver also has a ton of flickers, but I’ve talked about those too recently so I’ll save those pictures for later.






One Response to “Rocky Mountain Lake Park”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Canada geese are so ornery, I love them lol. Your face on shot of it really captures is disapproving look.

    I think the squirrel with the messed up tail has mange, poor guy. If you call that a pond, you should see what they call lakes here….. more like a puddle lol.