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After Audrey died, Conner needed more affection.  He didn’t want either me or Jon to leave the room so we started spending a lot more time with Conner and Trevor after work.  Leaving for a week made the situation much worse.  I think Conner might have worried that we were never coming back.

Now Conner freaks out when I walk into the bathroom or go downstairs.  He’s also figured out Audrey’s trick of standing at the edge of the shelf and yelling so that his voice echoes downstairs.  Audrey only did this when he actually needed me to help him.  Conner just wants to make sure that we’re still here.

It will take awhile for Conner to be his old self, at least I hope he’ll get back to being his old self.  I can’t stand thinking that he might never cock his head again.  Sometimes he wants me to hold him in front of Audrey’s cage so he can look inside and make happy noises.  But he is getting better.  He makes a few happy noises at night and today he sang when he didn’t know that we could hear him.

I wish I could bring Audrey back.

3 Responses to “Neediness”

  1. I wish you could, too.

  2. Shannon says:

    Oh, how I wish you could too! For everybody. Take heart – these little guys are amazingly resilient. However, I’ve often wondered how on earth Chipper would fare if Charlie died, or vice versa. I hope they don’t have to face that as Connor has… I feel for you!