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Costa Rica

We got back from Costa Rica last night and I have so much to write about.  The beaches were huge and the water was incredibly warm.

We stayed at the Tiskita Jungle Lodge near Pavones.  This is located in the southern part of Costa Rica near Panama.

To get there we had a take a charter flight from San Jose to the lodge and Jon and I thought that the plane was going to crash and we were going to die on the way there.  But that trip deserves a whole other post.  So for now I will give you a taste of the things I want to talk about.  My favorite bird in Costa Rica is the toucan.

But there was also a ton of other wildlife including sloths, lizards, agoutis and monkeys.  This is a Squirrel Monkey.

If you like to see new birds, Costa Rica should be on your list.  I saw at least 40 new birds on the trip – it will take me while to know more precisely because I took 2,500 quality pictures.  The lodge has recorded 270 different species on their 800 acre property so I barely made a dent in seeing their birds.  I’d like to thank Mary for posting about her trip to this lodge because I probably wouldn’t have gone if not for her recommendation and I had such an amazing time.  You couldn’t ask for a better place to stay.


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