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Great Kiskadee

I saw the Great Kiskadee more than any other bird in Costa Rica.  He’s a beautiful bird and I love all the shots of him, but there were several times where I was taking pictures of tanagers in a tree and the kiskadee would jump in and distract.

He obtained his name from the noise he makes: kis-ka-dee.  It didn’t sound exactly like that to me, but he does make a three-syllable sound that is incredibly loud.  He has a couple of different calls, though, and one of them sounds like a parrot at the backend of the call.  It’s a squawk.

Would you believe that he’s in the tyrant flycatcher family?  I was surprised because he doesn’t have that delicate look with the little whiskers around his beak like the other flycatchers.

But I can tell you that he doesn’t just eat only insects because I saw him eating a berry.

There are a variety of birds in Costa Rica that have the same yellow belly, white head and black-stripe combination but the Great Kiskadee is the largest.  He’s also distinguished by having a yellow cap.  You can see a little bit of it coming out here.

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