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Georgia is a beautiful state.  Especially right now when Salt Lake City is covered in the polluted inversion air, it’s nice to be reminded of bright cloud-filled skies.

It’s nice to see healthy looking cows along the road.

One other thing that we need more of in Utah is the Tufted Titmouse.  Every year I’m excited to go back to the east coast to see these cute friends.

Is it just me or does he have giant feet?  The one on the left looks particularly thick.  Have I mentioned how much I want the fancy 500mm Nikkor lens that would have taken this picture at a faster shutter speed and not caused the blurriness?

A lot of people take titmice for granted because they’re so common.  It reminds me of Birdchick’s recent post about how excited people in Israel were to see a House Sparrow.  I’m excited about seeing titmice and one of the few nice things about global warming is that it’s causing their range to expand.

So soon enough I might see one nearby.

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