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August Garden

When it comes tomatoes, the garden is a raging success.  The Sweet 100’s and the Sioux heirloom tomatoes are producing wonderfully.  The Hillbilly hasn’t made any tomatoes so far, which is surprising because last year it was the best tomato variety.  I’m also happy with the parsley and the kale.



I planted fennel, too, which did very well and grew taller than me.  It turns out I don’t cook with fennel, though.  So instead I have a very pretty plant.



The back bed has cabbage that is growing, but at this rate it might be ready in October.  I got two bell peppers out of the group, but they’re very small.



How ridiculously small is this bell pepper?  The jalapenos produced two several centimeter long peppers.  I planted peppers in this bed because it gets more sun than the bed I usually plant them in.  I thought it would make them grow faster.  Well, instead they grew smaller.


The sunflowers did well in the bed again.  The bees go nuts for them too.  Talk about growing taller than me!



This pretty artichoke looking plant in the side garden wound up flowering.  I was so surprised, and the flowers are really beautiful!


I’m learning slowly, but I’m enjoying the process.

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