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Cockatiel Frienships

Stonewall is making progress becoming friends with the other cockatiels.  As long as he isn’t running around, being a spaz, Conner and Trevor are okay with him sitting near them.  Every day he sits a little bit closer to them.


If you’re wondering why there’s a plastic hand in front of the birds, it’s because Trevor has this fetish where he likes to masturbate on a human hand.*  We bought the plastic hand, hoping it would be a suitable replacement.  Jon even had the clever idea to buy a hand that is used to train people to give manicures.  You glue the nails onto the hand.  We tried that and Trevor peeled the nails off the hand, but he didn’t use it for the proper purposes.  Maybe it wasn’t supple enough.

Stonewall is quickly learning Trevor’s song, which is actually Audrey’s song.  I like the idea that even though Audrey and Stonewall never met, Stonewall is carrying on Audrey’s legacy.  Stonewall sings constantly, too.  For awhile he would only do it when I wasn’t in the room.  But now he’s more comfortable, although he’s much more willing to sing in front of Jon than me.  They’re very good friends.

You’ll never meet a sweeter bird.

*Oh the Google hits I’m going to get now.

2 Responses to “Cockatiel Frienships”

  1. Tiffany says:

    LOL!!!!!!! I almost choked regarding “the hand”!! You and Jon are awesome! Glad Stonewall is fitting in better with the boys.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Trevor is such a little weirdo, we have to help however we can.