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Heermann’s Gull

I took a trip to San Francisco last week, and while I had plans to bird half the time I only made it out once.  Instead I discovered the joys of working in your hotel room past midnight.  Oh well, it was an awesome hotel room (Sir Francis Drake) and I really enjoyed eating at Greens and Millenium.  On my one trip birding I did get to see my favorite gull – the Heermann’s Gull.



He’s my favorite because he’s the easiest to identify.  Also they’re really beautiful birds.  This website has gorgeous pics of the Heermann’s Gull at various stages of plumage.  Look at that orange beak!




These gulls are all molting into drab winter gear.  You can see the summer plumage here.  This poor guy below has an irritated eye.  If I didn’t know there was something wrong, it would look very nice with his beak.

2 Responses to “Heermann’s Gull”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Another great series! I love this gull too; hey make pretty funny sounds in my opinion.

    A couple years ago, while surfing I was surrounded by a group of these guys. They kept chattering because pelicans were near by and they wanted to steal fish. Heermann sounds are like they are laughing, and since they wouldn’t “shut it”, I ended up laughing with them.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! They did make funny noises.