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When we visited New Hampshire I was struck by the abundance of squirrels.  In Utah I see them in the forests, but nowhere else.  In New Hampshire, I saw them at the Fells.  The New Hampshire chipmunks are Eastern Chipmunks and the Utah chipmunks are Least Chipmunks.  Eastern Chipmunks are known to be so abundant that you can find them in backyards.  Wikipedia has a great image of a chipmunk with his cheeks stuffed with nuts.



Here is a Utah chipmunk, called the Least Chipmunk.  He’s two inches smaller than the Eastern Chipmunk. The black stripes on the Least Chipmunk look darker, but it could be the lighting.



They’re so brave at Solitude, they don’t care one bit about humans.  This guy chittered at me for awhile because I disturbed his spot by standing and taking pictures.



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