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There’s a new vegan restaurant in town called Frisch and I’m obsessed.  This is a kale salad and veggie wrap.



Amazingly, all it takes to be full all afternoon is a salad, a wrap and chia pudding.  Chia is the new wonder ingredient in health food.  It has a huge amount of protein and fiber, but that seems ambitious to me since I don’t think the body breaks much of it down.  Eh, whatever, it must be healthier than tapioca and it’s delicious.



All their salads and wraps are made with fresh ingredients and they’re delicious.  This is Saturday’s special potato curry wrap and a quinoa salad.



They’ve only been open for a month and they’re busy every time we’ve been there, but I’m still nervous for their success because I need more vegan restaurants!  I’m still trying to lose weight and it’s really hard when you eat regular food.

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