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I haven’t talked about exercising lately and you may be wondering how it’s been going.  Or you weren’t wondering at all because fitness blogging is boring.  My activity level is slightly up, but I’ve been eating more.  Because after months of salad, I really wanted some chocolate.



The top image was going down for October just because I haven’t finished exercising for the day.  I basically stayed the same weight for the whole month.  But overall I’ve lost 25 pounds so I’m also not as motivated to lose more weight because I’m back about where I was when I moved to Utah.  Also, my BMI is back in the normal range.  However!  In the picture below, the dashed line is my lowest high school weight so I certainly have the ability to lose more weight.



I use this iPhone application called Cyclemeter that lets you define routes and tracks your progress.  Last year I biked 751 miles to and from work.  Since work is 7 miles round trip, that’s over 100 bike trips in a year!  This year I’m hoping I can bike more than that because I gave up biking in the winter on October 31st last year.  I’ve also been running to work and I recorded a run last week I did on the treadmill where I hit six miles in 65 minutes (a record!).  I only started recording my running statistics recently, though.  So next year should be much higher.



2 Responses to “September Numbers: Fitbit and Cyclemeter”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Congratulations – good job and I’m glad you know when to have a treat!
    Being fit is great, but I know I’ll never,ever be the same weight as high school. That said, I don’t think I would/could bike up the same hills then as I do now, maybe….. lol.

    I thought of you this past weekend, as I biked on an actual paved road, with cars. I was pretty tense to say the least.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so much healthier than I was in high school or even college. I remember having to run a mile for a college gym class and that was a *big deal.* Now I just laugh.

    I’m still terrified of mountain biking so we seem to have the opposite reaction about that.