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I still haven’t shown you all the pictures from Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is filled with different types of woodcreepers.  This is a Long-tailed Woodcreeper.  I narrowed the identification down based on what looks like an extended white eyebrow and the beak shape.



This might also be a Long-tailed Woodcreeper, but I’m less sure.  The extended eyebrow looks a little too high, but the only woodcreeper with a lower eyebrow has a very short beak.  Feel free to correct me if you know the answer.



This is a terrible picture, but it gives you an idea of the difference in woodcreepers.  This is a Streak-headed Woodcreeper.  Here, the difference is that the white goes further down the back of his head and as per the name, the white look more like streaks than dots.  Also, his beak is much more curved.



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