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Hong Kong was my favorite place for non-birding activities.  If you’re not familiar, Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997 so it is where English-speaking people are the most comfortable in China.  This is because Hong Kong has retained the cultural influence of the British and they’re as close to capitalism that you can get in China.


If you go to Hong Kong I recommend getting a guide because its busy and confusing.  Our guide was fantastic.  She took us to the Wong Tai Sin Temple.  This is a Taoist temple.  Chinese New Year was February 10th.  The yellow and red lanterns were in anticipation of the celebration.





Hong Kong has seven million people crammed into 17 square miles.  So this temple is right in the middle of huge apartment buildings.







One of the principles of Taoism is ying-yang, which is how contrary forces are interconnected, such as low and high, hot and cold, water and fire, etc.




There were other smaller temples, this one might be Buddhist.











Not only are the temples beautiful as a whole, they have little figures on top of them.  I joked with our tour guide about the first one because she said the figure on the left is supposed to be imaginary and I said it was clearly a man riding a chicken.






This guy is fierce not because of his weapon, but because he’s giving us the finger.






2 Responses to “Taoist Temple in Hong Kong”

  1. S. G. says:

    When one of my college friends joined the Army, the paper he filled out asked his religion. He wrote down “Taoist”. (He was an Eastern Religions major in college.)

    I told him he should have applied to be a chaplain. Chaplains always a pin, like a small cross or star of David. I suggested that he could wear a yin-yang pin.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It seems like a nice religion, the little I know of it.