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In college my roommate had a cat.  Like any cat, when I studied he would try to lay on my book or swat at my pen.  Stonewall also dislikes it when I study.  He wants my attention when I’m coding.



I’m glad that we let his flight feathers grow out because he’s much better at flying than the other cockatiels.  He likes to buzz us a couple times and then he flies to me.  If I’m studying he flies to me and he won’t leave me alone.  It’s very sweet, but somewhat distracting.



Other tidbits.  He still makes the “Wooo” noise, but mostly for Jon and as a check to see if we’re still home.  He loves to chew wet hair.  Tonight he got so excited trying to make a nest out of my shirt he started making excited noises; the same noises he was making to a ceramic toad yesterday.


2 Responses to “Sometimes Birds Are Like Cats”

  1. Stonewall is soooo charming and wonderful!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    He really is. He’s a very sweet bird.