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Yellow Cardboard

Trevor is somewhat delusional because he thinks that we can’t see him when he’s on the boing.  He thinks it’s sufficient camouflage.  Conner is a lot more savvy.



Jon had the idea to put up cardboard to enable the birds to hide behind it.  He chose yellow so they would feel especially camauflaged.  At first they were terrified, but now it serves as a blind and a chew toy.



I suspect they’re eating more than before.  They go through these phases where both Jon and I have to be in the room for them to eat, which is crazy because that only happens for 10 minutes a day before we go to bed.  I study with them at night, and I’ve heard them munching away for an extra hour.


 It’s pretty funny because they’re as excited about the cardboard as they get about very expensive toys.  It’s like that joke about how toddlers prefer the wrapping paper on presents to the presents themselves.

One Response to “Yellow Cardboard”

  1. Kathy Walters says:

    Paper is just the best toy. Have you tried rolls of adding machine paper?