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Garden 2013

I’ve been fretting all summer that my garden wasn’t growing.  Thank goodness for archives, though, because my garden is right along pace with last year’s garden.  For posterity, I took these pictures on July 28, 2013.




I’ve harvested about a pint of tomatoes, three zucchinis, one pattypan squash, lettuce and kale.  The squash are in a bed that didn’t have sunflowers automatically seed this year, which is probably just as well since the bed is overrun with the two squash plants.





I’ve tried to stay away from the kale so it could grow sufficiently large.  I also grew mint, but I kept it in a ceramic container so it wouldn’t overtake the yard.  I grew peppers in that bed because it’s shaded and last year they came in tiny in the back bed that gets full sun.  I think I’m just not meant to grow peppers, though, because this time the peppers are the size of dimes.  At least last year the jalapenos grew a few centimeters.


2 Responses to “Garden 2013”

  1. cindy says:

    Looking good! You’re lucky to get squash. Mine has been taken over by bugs and disease. I may skip growing any squash next year in hopes to interrupt the cycle of cucumber beetles and other squash pests.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes I see tiny slugs on the zucchini, but never any damage. I’m so glad. This is the most successful vegetable to ever grow in that bed.