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Common Kingfisher

We saw a lot of sections of China that were filled with trash.  It was especially sad to see trash piling up on these little land masses in the river.  There’s an egret in the middle of this mess consuming plastic-infested water. People might drink from this river!




I wish I could have gotten closer to this Common Kingfisher because he was so beautiful.  The kingfishers in the U.S. are so drab in comparison.



I creeped up on him during a span of 30 minutes.



I’m glad I got to see him, though.  All the pictures I’d seen of this guy were in India and there’s no way I’m going there with the way they treat female tourists.  But I found a range map illustrating that the Common Kingfisher is also a year-round resident in all of Europe.




2 Responses to “Common Kingfisher”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh man the trash :-(. One the weekend we were on an overpass that arched over the San Diego River estuary, and damn if there wasn’t PILES of trash. I know this place gets cleaned regularly (we’ve participated) and has huge homeless camps just up river, but the amount was horrifying.

    On the bright side I love your kingfisher, they are so beautiful.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That’s so sad. I really wish there was a way to reduce plastic wrappers.