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Health Progress

I was doing really well with my health goals until I hit January.  In January I went to China and I started school.  In China I never knew when I was going to get a meal I could eat so I overindulged at the Western buffet in the hotel too much.  With school, I used the hour I used to dedicate to the elliptical every night to studying.  At a result my weight skyrocketed.


You can see in the chart below that I knew something was wrong because I stopped weighing myself so frequently.  But on the plus side, you can also see that I got very serious at the end of July and I have a wonderful slope of weight loss now.  It’s mostly from calorie restriction.  If I enter the food I eat into the FitBit, then I’m more likely to skip the snacks.



I also started tracking my runs with DailyMile because I find bar graphs to be very motivating.  DailyMile is nice because they tell you how many gallons of gas you’ve saved, which is true because I’m running to work!  I do ride back with Jon frequently, but he’d have to drive anyways so shut it.



November was when I thought I would run a half marathon.  And then school started in January.  I’m hoping I can beat that 42 this month.


I read this great article about barefoot running and decided to try out a new pair of shoes.  I was using New Balance shoes, which barely have a sole so I was well on my way.  But now I’ve switched to Vivo Barefoot shoes, which are even thinner and have squishy things on the bottom to simulate the grippy feeling of walking barefoot – the technical term is proprioception.



I love them so much.  My running time is better and I don’t get winded (although the cooler weather might also be contributing).  I should mention, though, that it’s important to slowly change to barefoot running because there are a lot of studies showing that you need to build up muscle and develop the proper gait to avoid injury.

4 Responses to “Health Progress”

  1. tess says:

    That’s good you’re back on track. I’m lucky that my kids enjoy the stroller, it makes it just about necessary to go out and walk or run every day. It’s basically the only time I get to myself since they will just chill and watch the scenery. When I was working it was harder to get motivated to work out. I’ve heard about barefoot running and that it works really well for some people. Right now, I’m sticking with what I’m using, just asics, because for the first time ever, I’m running often and haven’t had shin splints develop. Hoping it keeps up.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Sometimes I think about getting a dog just to encourage me to talk more walks. :-)

    Certainly if something works, it makes sense not to change. I was getting some pain in my feet if I ran too much and my Basics are falling apart. So why not try something new?

  3. laura elkins says:

    I’m basically in awe of your ability to keep track of all your calories in/out and all the willpower it must take to both restrict calories and go running on top of everything else you’re doing. definitely an intimidating amount of work. I’m really seduced by the idea of barefoot running too. there’s something really compelling about the idea of simplifying things as much as possible. glad you added that last part; I read Born to Run when it first came out and was so excited about the idea, I threw caution to the wind and just started running barefoot full-force. I got to the point where I could only shuffle around slowly for about a month. definitely important to build up gradually.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    The tracking of calories is such a pain but it’s really the only way I’ll lose weight.

    I bought dress shoes from the same running store and I wore them on a business trip where I walked 7 miles in one day. I didn’t realize you could get blisters beneath calluses. So I hear you about easing into new shoes.