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I haven’t said anything because I wanted to wait until everything seemed safe, but guess what?  I’m pregnant with a girl.  Maybe someday she’ll even read this post.  I cannot wait to see you little one!  I’ve been feeling her kick for a few weeks now.  It’s weird at first to feel movement inside you that you didn’t cause.  Now that I’m used to it, it’s like having a friend with me during the day.  I had to start telling people at work since I’m obviously pregnant.



I tried to pass it off as weight gain for a little while by mentioning how much I like holiday cookies.




I had the usual symptoms in the first trimester.  I threw up a few times and I was pretty nauseous for about three weeks.  Pro tip: eat your vitamins at night because they don’t taste good coming up in the morning.  I didn’t appreciate that getting a new puppy when you’re sensitive to smells can be problematic.  I dry heaved a lot having to pick up dog poop because of the smell.  It still affects me, but not as much.  One day was a true comedy of errors because Teddy had diarrhea.  I had trouble containing it in a poop bag so I went back inside to grab more supplies.  These service workers chose to come into my backyard to cut a tree and one of them stepped right on the bag, which spread the smell around.  I had to pick up even more of it while retching into my arm.  The service workers thought I was nuts because my reaction was so extreme.


Teddy should be great with the baby.  They’ll be best friends.  You can see a little shaved patch on his leg where they shaved him for his surgery a few weeks ago.  It pulled at my heart strings when I first saw it.  But pregnancy makes me extra emotional.  I’ve spent several mornings in the parking garage trying to gather composure because something set me off.  I’m not a very emotional person and I dislike feeling out of control.


7 Responses to “Preggo”

  1. tess says:

    I’m so excited for you. I love living vicariously through pregnant women for some strange reason. It’s just a really exciting time. It’s a pretty special bond you being the only one to feel her move most of the time up until birth. Ugh, yeah, dog potty training and morning sickness make for a pretty comical experience.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I have the same obsession. For some reason I’m completely fascinated by birth stories especially.

  3. cindy says:

    It’s hard to feel sick and deal with real world stuff. I was horrified by raw foods for the most part. And my sense of humor became weirder than ever. I remember laughing at things that no one else thought were funny until I cried…

  4. Elizabeth says:

    In the first trimester I wanted a lot of carbs. Now I prefer fresh vegetables and I really really like those satsuma oranges. In fact, I just went to the Whole Foods near my hotel to pick up more oranges. The internet says pregnant women crave citrus, and sometimes it’s an indication of a magnesium deficiency. I suspect it’s simply the easiest way to get fresh fruits in winter. I was pretty pumped to find some fresh blueberries last week too.

  5. Tiffany says:

    So exciting! You are so funny Liz, I feel badly at laughing at the Teddy poo fiasco because I can’t imagine how bad that would have been.

  6. Shannon says:

    A belated congrats, Elizabeth! I follow all your blog entries, but somehow failed to respond to this very important one. Sheesh…. I hope all is going well. Keep us up to date! Love your photos of the cockatiel guys any time. They are so darn cute. Take care!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! I’m at 25 weeks now and everything is going wonderfully. She kicks a lot, which is a great reminder that she’s healthy.