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Poor Teddy Roosevelt was fixed this week and had to wear a cone of shame.  I didn’t take any pictures because he was truly embarrassed by having to wear it.  He wouldn’t even eat cheese for the first day.  Shame seems like a really sophisticated emotion and I’m surprised that some people don’t think that animals have real emotions.  For example, Descartes thought that dogs were mere machines without soles.  Teddy is feeling a lot better now.




I didn’t realize how much I like Teddy until he was away at the vet’s.  It’s a really nice start to my day to have him run up to greet me.  Jon said that Teddy listens for me in the morning and gets excited when I come downstairs.


 I got to take him out for a walk today and he isn’t acting like he’s fixed.  He peed on every bush we passed.


3 Responses to “Teddy Roosevelt Gets Fixed”

  1. cindy says:

    Poor Teddy. It’s not easy being less than a whole dog – at first. He will forget and be fine. He sure has a sweet face.

  2. Kathy says:

    Glad that is over and all is well. Only someone without empathy can think that animals don’t have feelings.