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Monthly Archive for February, 2014

White-collared Yuhinas

I wrote about the Black-chinned Yuhina last May.  They’re lovely birds and the pictures don’t do them justice because it was so grey outside.  These White-collared Yuhinas look much peppier because of the brighter background.  The white stripe on their crest might help.     I always admire the acrobatics of birds that are after […]

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Teddy Roosevelt’s Jackets

I’m now 26 weeks pregnant.  I’m freaking huge.  When the baby kicks it makes my stomach ripple like the water glass in Jurassic Park.  According to books and the internet, she’s about two pounds and has a 80% survival rate if born right now.  Also, premature girls have more advanced lungs than premature boys so […]

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This blog would be incomplete without pictures of coots in the winter.   They seem a lot friendlier than other birds because they’re always in groups.   It’s funny, coots barely make an appearance in Massachusetts where I grew up, but they seem so familiar to me.  When I was first getting into birds and […]

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The Guys

The cockatiels had a great time hanging out with me while I studied today.  If no one is in the room they will hang out at the back of the cage where it’s dark.  If I’m in the room they get a little closer.  It looks uncomfortable.  Usually Conner and Trevor are together and then […]

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American Robin

I always know when spring is coming because during sunset the robins make a “chip-chip” noise.  That hasn’t happened yet.  Instead I’ve seen a lot of foraging robins and cold looking robins.     Winter is so bleak it makes the muted breast on the robin look bright.  These robins were on Antelope Island where […]

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I flew to the Patent Office in Virginia this week for in-person interviews with patent examiners.  The nearby Whole Foods had satsuma oranges so I was okay.  On the way home, I got stuck in Denver overnight, so I spent a total of three nights away from home. I was worried that the trip would […]

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