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I’m now 26 weeks pregnant.  I’m freaking huge.  When the baby kicks it makes my stomach ripple like the water glass in Jurassic Park.  According to books and the internet, she’s about two pounds and has a 80% survival rate if born right now.  Also, premature girls have more advanced lungs than premature boys so they tend to do better.  Every week makes me a little bit calmer.


As a complete aside, don’t read What to Expect When You’re Expecting.  Every assertion in that book is cancelled out later in the book.  Make sure to eat enough for the baby, but don’t eat too much.  Make sure you’re getting enough exercise, but don’t exercise too much and don’t ever get out of breath.   Listen, I’m 26 weeks pregnant.  I get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs!


I can no longer run, so one way to get some exercise is to take Teddy Roosevelt for walks.  He looks so snazzy in his jackets!  This one looks a lot like one of my running shirts.


He’s helping us practice putting clothing on him in preparation for the baby.


 I’m a little bit crazy because it’s very muddy outside right now so when I take TR out, when he comes back inside I hold him in my arms as I wipe the dirt off his paws.  But otherwise he would make a huge mess!  What do you dog owners do?

5 Responses to “Teddy Roosevelt’s Jackets”

  1. Tiffany says:

    LOL Liz!
    Glad Teddy Roosevelt is so accommodating with being dressed – he does look rather adorable in his well fitted jacket!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m really glad he’s so accommodating. He gets cold easily so it’s great to be able to protect him against the winter weather.

  3. cindy says:

    If you have two people, get one to hold a treat just above where you want his head to be while the other frantically puts on clothes. He sure is cute!

  4. Kathy Walters says:

    My son, Eric, had a baby 10 weeks ago. They have two pit bull type dogs and red clay in their yard. There is always a towel by the door to wipe off big feet, a spray bottle to clean carpet and absorbing mats inside and outside the door. Good practice for when the kids come in muddy. They have a carpet cleaner (hoover) too.

    As for pregnancy and baby care advise….there is not one size fits all advise, as much as many would like to believe. You need to take the advise that fits for you, and not let the rest frustrate you.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Good, that seems pretty consistent with what we do. There are a lot of absorbing mats in the house.