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Monthly Archive for March, 2014

March is Bad for Birding

You know what’s hard?  Birding when you’re 32 weeks pregnant.  Getting out of the car is the hardest part.  I’m close to buying a Prius and I’m trying to decide between the regular one and the V.  The regular one is quieter, but it’s so damn uncomfortable right now.  The V has a lot more […]

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Steller’s Jay

I don’t like change.  So I’m developing a habit where if I make a change, I make a bunch of changes all at once.  I graduated law school and moved with Jon to California.  I quit my job in California to move to Utah and bought a house with Jon.  Now we’re having a baby […]

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Teddy Roosevelt Relaxes

Evenings in our house are usually spent with Teddy Roosevelt laying on Jon.  This picture is funny because he looks so sad, but he’s quite happy. “Help!”   Jon was away this weekend and Teddy was stuck with me.  I thought he’d be a huge pain because he likes to fight and play fetch when […]

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28 Weeks

I hit 28 weeks last Friday and had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  The baby is measuring right on track and should be about 2 1/4 pounds.   I feel her kicking all day and every time I wake up during the night.  The doctor said that I should make sure I feel movement at least […]

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